Arroz con pollo

Description Edit

This recipe is wonderful. Recently I fixed a Panamanian dinner for close friends here in Colorado with arroz con pollo, plantain, stuffed chayote, mango salad and a coffee dessert. It was a big hit! Note: saffron is expensive and sometimes hard to find. I buy packaged saffron rice and substitute half that kind with regular plain white rice, and it gives it a wonderful flavor.

Ingredients Edit


  1. Brown chicken in crisco.
  2. Then add tomato sauce, parsley, onion powder, garlic, bay leaves, saffron, salt and pepper.
  3. Simmer until chicken is tender.
  4. Remove chicken and add rice.
  5. Cook on medium high until liquid is absorbed.
  6. Then cover tightly and steam until rice is done.
  7. Arrange chicken around the sides (or remove chicken from bones and add to rice) parsley may also be used to decorate.

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