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Can you say creamy? ‘Cause that’s exactly what Panamanian desserts are. Tres leches, flan, raspados (snow cones) topped with condensed milk. Ok, that last one is both creamy and icy. Of course there are other recipes out there, some that even the most experienced foodie hasn’t heard of. That’s where you come in.


More decadent desserts listed below...

  • Tres LechesGo to Tres Leches
  • Strawberry-Horchata RaspadosGo to Strawberry-Horchata Raspados
  • Flan de CarameloGo to Flan de Caramelo
  • Mango PuddingGo to Mango Pudding
  • Cinnamon RollsGo to Cinnamon Rolls

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